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Hannah Dellabella

Hannah Dellabella

Hannah Dellabella is a freelance writer for Haymarket Media. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Purdue University and a BA in creative writing and professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, she was the associate editor for Clinical Advisor at Haymarket Media and an assistant editor for the Haymarket Medical Network. In addition to being a medical writer, Hannah is a poet whose work has appeared in various literary journals.

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Needle in vile

Prior Adalimumab Treatment Affects Etanercept Response in RA

Researchers found that testing adalimumab serum concentrations in the last serum sample from patients with rheumatoid arthritis from the Amsterdam Rheumatology and Immunology Center using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays showed that patients with ≧5.0 μg/mL adalimumab had a lower response rate when switched to etanercept compared with patients who were biologic-naïve. However, researchers believe that a larger study population is required for more detailed results.

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