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Solitary lung nodule

1. Introduction and definition Solitary lung nodule (SLN) is defined as a single, relatively spherical radiological opacity that measures up to 3 cm in size and is surrounded by aerated lung parenchyma. Also, there should be no other associated abnormality including atelectasis, hilar enlargement or pleural effusion. Focal pulmonary lesions which are larger in size…

Mediastinal Mass

Mediastinal Mass Although relatively uncommon, the precise incidence of mediastinal masses remains unclear due to lack of ubiquity in classification and definition reported in medical literature. Most tend to be benign with approximately 25% found to be malignant. The mediastinum is the area bordered by the thoracic inlet superiorly, the diaphragm inferiorly and the medial…

Malignant pleural effusions

Malignant Pleural Effusions I. Problem/Condition. The main symptom of malignant pleural effusions (MPE) is shortness of breath (57%), typically progressive exertional dyspnea followed by cough (43%). Chest pain is more common in patients with mesothelioma. However, some patients have no symptoms and the effusion is only found on imaging. There are >150,000 new cases of…

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