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SAN DIEGO — Men with axial spondylarthritis (axSpA) have been found to have a worse prognosis compared with affected women, whereas peripheral spondylarthritis (pSpA) decreases functionality to a greater degree in women vs men, according to a study presented at the ACR/ARHP 2017 Annual Meeting, held November 3-8 in San Diego, California.

Using the framework from the ESPeranza program, researchers examined follow-up outcomes in patients with early axSpA (n=291) and pSpA (n=86). Approximately 64% of the study’s cohort were men (n=241).

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Men vs women with axSpA were found to have more frequent rates of sacroilitis (28.0% vs 42.4%; P =.02), more reports of morning stiffness (60.0% vs 72.3%; P =.03), and higher levels of C-reactive protein (7.8±11.7 mg/L vs 12.4±16.6 mg/L; P =.01). Conversely, women vs men with axSpA were found to have higher ESR values (16.0 ± 12.5 mm/hr vs 12.3±13.9 mm/hr; P =.04) and a trend toward an increase in incidence of uveitis (12.0% vs 5.8%; P =.06). 

In patients with pSpA, men had significantly greater rates of psoriasis (42.0% vs 19.4%; P =.03), numerically higher levels of C-reactive protein (17.4±39.5 mg/L vs 8.6±11.5 mg/L; P =.10), and longer diagnostic delays than women. Overall, women tended to have greater functional limitations than men.

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The investigators believe the gender differences highlighted in this study may ultimately “influence therapeutic decision-making” in axSpA and pSpA.

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