Welcome to the New and Improved Rheumatology Advisor

The newly redesigned Rheumatology Advisor offers its readers improved access to timely and quality clinical content.

The Haymarket Medical Network’s Rheumatology Advisor, which focuses on delivering specialized content to inform clinical practice, now has a new look and feel.

We are excited to introduce a sleeker, more modernized version of the site that will enable improved access to our carefully curated news and research summaries in rheumatology.

This update will allow readers to seamlessly navigate the various aspects of the site, including premium content from conferences and insights from experts in the field. The new site design also allows us to showcase the latest episodes of our podcast, Rheum Advisor on Air, which covers a diverse range of topics in both research and practice.

In addition, readers can now explore clinical resources on the site. The homepage has a clinical tools section that includes a drug database with monographs, clinical charts for drug comparisons, and medical calculators. We have also highlighted interactive clinical resources in a special collections tab, which include diagnostic updates, treatment guides, and journal club.

Furthermore, with just a single click, users can access other specialty sites within the Haymarket Medical Network to review research in other specialties. There will also be continued access to our CME content.

If you have any feedback on our new site or regarding Rheumatology Advisor in general, please reach out to us at [email protected] or directly at [email protected].