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EULAR 2021 Series

The Breath-Taking Lungs and Scleroderma

Toby Maher, MD, describes the increased prevalence of lung manifestations in scleroderma and the need for routine screening among these patients.

The Dish on Diet and Nutrition in Rheumatic Diseases

In this episode of the EULAR 2021 series, Dr Elena Nikiphorou highlights the role of diet in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and what clinicians should tell their patients in this regard.

ACR 2020 Series

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Rheum Advisor on Air Podcast: Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Rheum Advisor on Air, the official podcast of Rheumatology Advisor, is set to kick off with the ACR Convergence 2021 series, followed by expert perspectives on emerging topics in rheumatology.

Let’s Talk Women’s Health in Rheumatic Diseases

In this episode, we’re highlighting the importance of recognizing and discussing women’s health – from premenstruation through menstruation and pregnancy and menopausal transition – in rheumatology.

To Switch or Not to Switch: Biosimilars in Rheumatology

In this episode, we get further insight into the current state of biosimilars development and adoption in the United States vs other countries, interchangeability among adult and pediatric patients with rheumatologic conditions, nonmedical switching to biosimilars, and an overview of its potential cost benefits for the US healthcare system.

Telerheumatology: The New Normal? Part 2

In part 2 of this series, we’re getting perspectives from an allopathic and an osteopathic physician specializing in rheumatology on the evolution of telemedicine and what the future may look like for the management of rheumatologic conditions.

Telerheumatology: The New Normal? Part 1

Telemedicine in rheumatology, or telerheumatology, may be the future of diagnosis and treatment in rheumatology. In this 2-part episode series, we’re delving deeper into the world of telerheumatology and asking, “Will this be the new normal?”

Barbara Ann Burtness, MD Meghna Rao is a postgraduate in the biological sciences from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, where she also completed a thesis in enzyme kinetics using electrochemical methods. Meghna was a part of the research team at a biopharmaceutical company in India, after which she transitioned into scientific and medical communications and publishing.

In her 10 years of experience as a scientific and medical communicator, Meghna has explored content creation and development on diverse platforms, working with various different organizations in the fields of science, medicine, and health, for audiences both clinical and nonclinical.

Meghna is currently the medical editor of Rheumatology Advisor, the host of the medical podcast, Rheum Advisor on Air, and a freelance writer.

Stephan Cho, is the Digital Content Editor for Cancer Therapy Advisor and the editor of the Rheum Advisor on Air podcast.

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