Bone Mineral Density Changes Related to Adrenal Incidentalomas in Menopause

Osteoporosis hip joint
Osteoporosis hip joint
Bone mineral density was statistically different from baseline after 24 months.

Age-dependent bone mineral density (BMD) loss may overlap with adrenal incidentaloma-associated BMD changes in menopausal women, according to research presented at the 26th Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), May 3-7 in Austin, Texas.

Researchers performed a retrospective study at a single tertiary center of endocrinology with a total of 18 women (average age, 61.5). All patients had confirmed menopausal status of at least 12 months, an adrenal incidentaloma based on specific endocrine assays, and at least 2 central dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans.

The mean tumor diameters were 2.19±0.85 cm, respective of 1.48±0.85 cm, mean baseline plasma cortisol was 14.97±.0.72 μg/dL, adrenocorticotropic hormone was 8.15±6.93 pg/dL, and 25-hydroxivitamin D was 15.84±6.16 ng/mL. The mean number of years since menopause was 14.65. Baseline BMD scores consisted of the L1-4 lumbar (0.972±0.167 g/sqcm), femoral neck (0.885±0.131 g/sqcm), and total hip (0.949±0.181 g/sqcm).

After 12 months, the L1-4 BMD score was 1.009±0.139 g/cm2, femoral neck score was 0.917±0.145 g/cm2, and total hip score was 0.93±0.156 g/cm2. After 24 months, the BMD score for all 3 regions was 0.89±0.75 g/cm2, 0.791±0.09 g/cm2, and 0.867±0.5 g/cm2.

Baseline adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol levels were not correlated with BMD. After 24 months, BMD was statistically different from baseline.

“Despite the general concept of [adrenal incidentaloma] and harmless general profile, in special subgroups [such] as [the] menopausal population, DXA may reveal time-dependent changes,” the researchers wrote.

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Radu O, Paun S, Carsote M, Petris R, Paun DL. DXA profile in menopausal patients followed for adrenal incidentaloma: a longitudinal study. Abstract 121. Presented at: the 26th Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. May 3-7, 2017; Austin, TX.

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