Clinical Data Sharing Rates From Industry-Funded Trials Low

HealthDay News – Only approximately 50% of industry-sponsored trials registered on are listed in the largest data-sharing repository, according to a research letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Isabelle Boutron, MD, PhD, from Paris Descartes University in France, and colleagues examined the proportion of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) registered at that were listed on the Clinical Study Data Request (CSDR) data-sharing repository website. was searched using the names of 4 sponsors; data were downloaded for all studies listed at CSDR for the same sponsors.

The researchers found that there were 966 RCTs (462,751 participants) for the 61 targeted drugs from the 4 sponsors; 53% of these trials (with 74% of participants) were listed at CSDR. The availability of each document at CSDR varied from 83% to 99%; 40% of RCTs reported that all documents were available

The proportion of registered trials listed on CSDR ranged from 33% at Roche to 66%at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK); the proportion of trials with all information available varied from 24 percent at Boehringer Ingelheim to 58% at GSK.

“Despite a delay of 18 months since the completion of drug trials by the company sponsor, only 53% of the RCTs from the four sponsors registered at were listed at CSDR, with differences between sponsors,” the authors write.

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